Environment & Social

People who compromise on quality and environmental compatibility don't think far enough in any respect. What does short-term profit help if long-term customer relationships are affected? And where is the real benefit of an impressive balance sheet if it is at the cost of the environment and standard of living for future generations?

Our uncompromising quality and environmental management shows that Inovan thinks things through right from the start.


indispensable and
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It should go without saying, each and every one of us complies with rules and laws. But for businesses with a broad international footprint, complex business models and operations in very different markets, compliance can also be complex. That’s why we have formulated clear rules and policies and installed a network of compliance ambassadors to support our employees in case of doubt.

And in the event that one of our stakeholders wishes to report a potential compliance grievance, we have set up a process that protects whistleblowers from negative consequences and ensures compliance with legal requirements.

The company can promptly investigate the report, ask questions, and take action or provide feedback to management as appropriate.

If you would like to file a compliance complaint, click here to access our grievance form:

Compliance complaint

Sustainability & Environmental Innovation

Protecting and preserving the environment, working with social awareness and economizing responsibly: that is sustainability. We commit ourselves to enabling achievement of this every day.

Environmental protection is an issue that affects everyone. Practicing environmental protection is therefore a matter of course to us. Environmentally aware actions are actively driven forward in our processes and procedures with continuous improvements. Sparing use of water, energy and raw materials as well as noise protection, air and keeping soil clean are important obligations to us in all of our factories and all of our processes.

Environment Management

We have successfully established environmental management systems according to the requirements of ISO 14001 many years ago at our sites in Birkenfeld and Stolberg. All appropriate official and legal regulations are met. For our plant 1 in Birkenfeld the demand of basic obligations of 12. BImSchV is also relevant.

Energy Management

Additionally we successfully established an energy management system (EnMS) according to the requirements of ISO 50001 in November 2013.

Social Commitment

We support each year two different, regional-based institutions in their actions.