The Zliv plant is in South Bohemia located near town České Budějovice (Czech Budweis). A region famous for its history, traditional crafts, and beer brewing.

Since 1946, the plant, located in České Budějovice at the time, has been a traditional producer of haberdashery, incl. needles and pins, of best world quality. The Zliv plant was built in 1996 and production was moved here from České Budějovice. Since 2018, our technical competence has qualified us to expand our portfolio to include the production of connectors for the automotive and industry electrical sectors, which today is most of the current production.

Facts & Figures

  • Year of foundation: 1993
  • Employees: approx. 130
  • Technologies: stamping, hardening, galvanization (nickel), high speed automatic assembly, injection molding
  • Certifications: find out about our quality certification here
  • Insight into machine park / equipment: stamping (25-16 tons), barrel plating, injection molding: 50-110t / 5-150 g / PP, PS, PE, PA6, PA66, POM, PBT, ABS


Inovan CZ s.r.o.
Tyršova 734
373 44 Zliv
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 389 606 350
Mail: inovan.info.cz@inovan.com
Web: www.inovan.cz

Head of Business Unit: Markus Lauer


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