INOVAN donations 2018

Inovan again donated a total amount of €5000 to charitable institutions in December 2018. This year, the local group DLRG Birkenfeld e.V. as well as the support association of the Gustav-Heinemann School received an amount of €2,500.

The local group DLRG Birkenfeld e.V. is responsible for the swimming and lifeguard training, the education about water hazards as well as for the water rescue service. Currently, about half a million people die in the water every year.

With the aim of reducing this number, the DLRG, is working in cooperation with umbrella organisations such as the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) and the International Life Saving Federation - Europe (ILS-E), to generate better safety standards.

The Birkenfeld local group makes a significant contribution to this: The extensive range of children and baby swimming courses is created to prepare children for the dangers in the water.

Deployment is also part of the DLRG's agenda: medical assistants, paramedics and the water rescue service are regularly on duty.  The donation of 2,500 € from Inovan is intended to support the flexibility of these activities and will be used to finance a new emergency vehicle. Mrs. Svenja Fingberg (youth leader), Mr. Bodo Fingberg (1st chairman) and Mr. Michael Höll (2nd chairman) received the donation.

The second donation went to the support association of the Gustav Heinemann School. The special education and counseling center, which focuses on mental, physical and motor development, is currently attended by 226 students in 33 classes. 49 pupils have a severe multiple disability. Due to its structure and the decommissioning of the main building, the school is currently spread over 14 locations. The Bauschlott site with 66 students has the possibility to offer hippotherapy (so-called riding therapy) in cooperation with a local practice. In addition to mobilizing, stabilizing and training of the muscles, this therapy has other objectives: the encouraging of the language and the speaking as possibility for a dialogue. At the same time the horse is a great motivator.

The donation of Inovan will be used to support this project and to be able to offer further therapy appointments for the students. Mr. Roger Schreiber (headmaster) and Mr. Johannes Roos (board of directors of the support association) received the donation.

The donation was handed over on December 12, 2018. At the Inovan headquarter in Birkenfeld. All participants had the opportunity to exchange information about their current projects and to make new contacts.

from left to right: Svenja Fingberg (youth leader DLRG), Bodo Fingberg (1st chairman DLRG), Michael Höll (2nd chairman DLRG), Dr. Thomas Hör (CEO Inovan), Roger Schreiber (headmaster GHS), Johannes Roos (executive board GHS)

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