Facts & Figures

What it means

Think. Thinking it through. Thinking it through right from the start. There really are differences. During the implementation at the latest. When things take longer, become more expensive or turn out to be much more difficult than expected. So, by all means it is a kind of art. The art of thinking things through from beginning to end. It has a lot to do with years of experience, deeper understanding and overall implementation expertise. In concrete terms:


How can we think a project through right from the start if we have never accomplished it before? When we have not experienced the many challenges in implementation day in day out? Our project managers think from the beginning through to the end because they don't just control the full production depth in theory, but always experience it close up.


It's just like a relay race: the baton change can make the difference. Those who want to see the whole picture in a project need to focus on the interfaces. The processes need to be clearly specified and tried out. The interfaces in our projects and processes have been put to the test thousands of times in practice and can be called upon at any time.


The claim of thinking things through from beginning to end is also a promise to our customers. The promise of providing you with a partner at your side from beginning to end who feels responsible for the whole picture. Someone who takes on and comes to terms with the challenges of most complex projects. We do justice to this claim because the responsibilities within our projects are clearly regulated.

Why we can do it better

It is not just a question of the right attitude. Someone who wants to think through the project right from the start needs a proper lineup. What makes us different from our competition is not so much our claim, but our ability to honour it in an exceptional way.

Thanks to our many years of global activity, we have for one the necessary experience in development and supervision of very complex projects. Furthermore we offer a production depth that makes us unique on the market. Take a look at our technology portfolio and you will see what we're talking about straight away.

Why it's worth for you

More and more demanding products. Shorter life cycles. More pricing competition on the markets. This is the framework we are acting in. This means that the advantages created for you due to us thinking things through right from the start are even more obvious.


We are a much cited "One-Stop-Shop" for our customers. Complex interface definitions and activity boundaries do not apply with us. Our customers know from the beginning how much their project will cost at the end.


The case is here: thanks to the depth of our work, we can realistically estimate the time required. The long-term experience of our team is an added bonus.


Reliable costs and timing are important. But what is most important to us, is the product right at the end, and that it has been produced with consideration of our environment. Our claim is stated in our certified quality management and environmental management systems. They are an expression of our obligation to keep perfecting the manufacturing methods and final products and simultaneously increase the sustainability and environmental compatibility of our work.


It is a good feeling to have partners who think. But we want to be more. We want to be a partner who thinks things through from beginning to end. A partner with whom you notice from the beginning that your project is in the best of hands. Do you have a project? Then let us think it through right from the start.

Founders & Founding Year

Two, which were innovative in the 1950s:

Emil Ruf and Fritz Kiefer

They founded Inovan in 1952 in Birkenfeld.

Focus on the Human Being

  • Head of Division Inovan: Robert Wittmann
  • And over 700 best educated colleagues
  • As well as 30 trainees, who advance Inovan with their knowledge and creativity every day.

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