Material Technology

Our varied product spectrum of contact material allows material combinations and precious metal coatings, which are characterized by the following technical and economic advantages:

  •     Optimum bonding of the plating partners and flexibility in forming processes
  •     Inovan offers a coherent material Cu / Al compound, which consists of the respective solid material per side
  •     Saving precious metal by selective cladding technology
  •     According to the application,  adapted layer thickness and material combination. 
  •     Layer composite material with high electrical conductivity


Our broad portfolio contains the following variations:

Contact bimetals / trimetals

Contact bimetals / trimetals are multi-layer composite materials for switching, grinding and plugging contacts, also for material applications. They consist of a contact material or a bondable layer and a carrier material.
With the method of the mechanical cladding technique, both materials are combined into a metallic layer composite.

We offer you an optimally adapted contact material, with good bending characteristics and low stamping costs. This allows different coating methods, the combination between cladding layers and galvanic layers.

Inovan Contact Metals are used in switches, connectors, relays and small motors in automotive, as well in telecommunications and domestic appliances.

Our product range contains:

Cold Roll Cladding Carrier Strip
Gold-alloys Copper
Silver-alloys Bronze
Palladium-alloys Brass
AlSl 1 Special-alloys of copper basis (example: CuFe2)
Al 99,5 Soft Iron


Contact profiles

Contact profiles are required for the production of contacts, which are mainly used for switching and conducting electrical currents. The materials and profile shapes are designed according to the specific application.

Your benefit is our experience in production an, design and material development for more than 30 years.
You can develop your individual solution, with a choice of 600 different micro-contact profiles and freely selectable precious metal alloys and layer thicknesses together with us. Our experts will advise you on the choice of materials, on the optimal design of the contact part and tool, as well as on minimizing the use of precious metals and further processing.

The contact profiles have a wide range of applications: relays, contactors, switches, push buttons, controllers in the automotive and telecommunications industry, industrial electronics, control technology and low-voltage technology.

Our product range contains:

Power range Voltage: mV – 380 V Current: µA - 150 A